Macaulay Culkin Lumblumbdjala Mohammed (also known as 'Marijuana Caulkin) is a pothead first line, has connections with Crazy Elias and Fernandinho Beira-Mar, and other thugs like Farias and Mule George Bush, was born in Marijuana, Mexico, 1970 years after the birth of our Lord, and lived until 1981, when he was attacked by a swarm of bees, and being allergic was fatal. But so far lived intensely, even gave a peck on his colleague Vada Sultenfuss. Based on that history was made ​​the film '"First Love". WARNING: this kid ate barbecue cat and drank juice-ki, then do not like him!

Project Child-pot Edit

This secret project was a venture of two companies that made ​​gay partner: Universal Studios and Woo-Suk Hwang (One of stem cells for men who have no dick), projected a picture of Vada's brain Macaulay died, leaving him state Partly Sexually Active (or, with the hard wood), and were able to remove some of the Whey of Life, Milk life, the broth life, or any other name. In the scenic town of AI, equipped with state of art equipment, created the prototype of Macaulay Culkin. After the initial part of the project Child-pot, scientists, managers, counter-rules and extras, departed for the city of scenographic Titanic. A more isolated, so that the Soviet government knew nothing. Unfortunately, as is customary with the small Macaulay, forgot it in the laboratory.

My First Love Edit

The pinnacle of his career was when he recorded My First Love. The exciting story of a boy who discovers that girls do not have a pee. After giving a peck on girl scene that many pre-teens find super exciting, and make it the theme of the 5 to 1 in the bathroom after the movie, cycling fucking, making the return of France is attacked by a swarm of African bees in captivity. As the boy suffered from an abnormality anómola scientifically called "Allergy Bee," he dies. The only thing left is his glasses, which picks up after the little girl bitch.

Home Alone Edit

Another classic of American cinema-east, is set in the city of New York City. The McCallister family of preparing for a spectacular trip for Christmas, but the day before a major primes Kevin: His mother picks him up, and the girlMy First Love doing stupid things in the attic, and forces him to sleep there. The next day everyone was ready to leave, however, as the mother Kate was very coquette, had several children and ended up getting one back, just Kevin. From this ridiculous story that every child dreams happen to her, for her many also ready, he lived many adventures, and ready a lot of confusion.

Filmography Edit

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