Steve Urkel 1974

Steven in his zombie years.

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Steve Urkel was born to George Bush and Machelle Obama in the spring of 1903, He was shot as a young child by a evil man named Squidward Testicles who is a racist, He later became a zombie in 1974.

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Born in 1900 Stoppered and Guarana, twin brother of Carlton Banks, son of Rocky Balboa and Katherine Jackson. He lived in an extremely complicated time to be black, a time when being black was worst than being a zombie. He is one of the first people to be hit by one of Chuck Norris's famous Roundhouse Kicks. Most people just know Steve because of the show "Family Matters" on which Steve was the most important character

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Jaleel White plays Urkel, doing shit, shit and more shit, it seems as if born in fucking hell, very Nerd in real life, both neither did other series after Family Matters.

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