Name Wiki Uncyclopedia
style Unfunny
acess numbers 2
owner Jonathan Huang
founder Jimmy Wales
original languague Zombie
number of articles 7,5
server Wikia
years old 67

Uncyclopedia is a useless space created by Jonathan Huang in 2005, this useless crap is not meant to damn thing, is a kind of Wikipedia silly for atheists, yes, Uncyclopedia is an atheist, loves to say that Oscar Wilde is God and say that god of truth and not god, and they know they are losers, because neither had the courage to put a silly article about Weirdpedia on Uncyclopedia.

History Edit

Fundation Edit

First they thought of a name, then knew they were going to do shit, so they called Uncyclopedia, which is un encyclopedia written subliminally, then they thought the "slogan", and knew that the wiki would be a pretty crap, so they gave the slogan: "the content-free encyclopedia," because they knew they would never be content in uncy even after they thought a logo, it was easy, they went to the Brazil (had to go to the Brazil, very stupid) and saw the program Fantastic of such ball and Ball full wilt, and then saw the ball seemed full of the Wikipedia logo, then decided that the logo would be a ball Uncyclopedia wilt, then, was enough to change those letters by drawing scrotums, then set up everything: the logo, says "Uncyclopedia" below and under "Uncyclopedia" wrote "the content-free encyclopedia."

Uncyclopedia in the past Edit

Jimbo Wales decided to sue for Uncyclopedia obcenidade and insults (such as SGAE did with Frikipedia) to view the articles Wikipedia and Jimbo Wales, but unfortunately, Jimbo did not prosecute them because they laughed a lot of articles about things that he hated (Jimbo has a damned bad taste), then the bastard not processed.

Uncyclopedia Today Edit

Today, she has more than eight thousand articles of shit that do not serve to damn thing than to mess with YOUR face, those items are more "no pictures" than those of Conservapedia, the Uncyclopedia became zuada Portuguese version by itself, the Uncyclopedia, saying the same thing we're talking about here, if person who do not speak English translation in English of an article for Uncyclopedia another language can even laugh, but if someone who read English read an article without translating Uncyclopedia will not give or to give sarcastic laugh.

Uncyclopedia Tomorrow Edit

So: UncyclopediaHasAProblem

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